Leader? You’re a hypnotist.

If your a leader you’re a hypnotist, you just didn’t know it. Hypnosis is the intentional implanting of ideas giving rise to changed behaviours in the recipient. Last year I taught several company Owners and CEO’s to recognise the Hypnotist in them and how, without complex and convoluted language and story telling, they can hypnotically […]

Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist Blog - Lie Detector

How does the Hypnotist catch a liar?

Eye accessing cues in NLP and micro expression and body language are supposed to be able to tell you how people are processing their thoughts.   As the Hypnotist I’ve experimented a lot with this and with what magicians call cold reading, here’s a fast way to catch a liar.   Actually Derren Brown blows […]


Is Street Hypnosis Mesmeric Masturbation?

Impromptu hypnosis in social situations or business networking, or even at a venue location for promoting a show, raising awareness, building a client base, even for rehearsing or fine tuning a new routine is fine. I teach how to use Impromptu Performance and Demonstration of hypnosis for all those reasons on or Hypnosis Happens Workshops. […]

Head Fix – think Fix Up

When I say ‘head fix’ it isn’t because you’re broken. You just need your internal house refurbished and renewed. Think of a fix up rather than just repair. I’m having my doors widened in my house this week. My new wheelchair is two inches wider and measured to fit both me and my condition. I […]

Head Fix – being all there

Working with a client who presented with wanting to change the way they continuously thought of everyone in their team as “dim, not engaged, lazy.” This obviously wasn’t the case as business was great and giving my client everything they needed. But when we got down to talking the concern to be addressed was closer […]

How not to test if you can visualise.

As a Hypnotist when I’m Coaching lots of people expect me to tell them to ‘visualise’ stuff. And I do but, I check first to see if they can. The problem is that while most people can understand at a conscious level that they are ‘seeing’ something with their minds eye, the reality is they are not. […]

Success? How will You Know?

I’ll know when I get FISH. “Jonathan Chase is one of the most successful hypnotists of the 20th century.” Impressive yes? But if you saw that about you, or me for that matter, what pictures does it bring to mind? In the space between my ears the picture that pops up is a shelf full of […]