Jon Chase Creative Hypnotist Author Speaker Entertainer 01215Hypnotist Jonathan CHASE "DreamPilot" Stage 

Corporate Hypnotist Author Speaker Entertainer

Exploring the Power of Your Mind and Imagination to Enhance Your Performance through Motivational Art and Entertainment

Coaching your Creative Subconscious to gain, and maintain, Momentum to START Ventures, Projects, Arts or Business, with Imagination and Emotional Strength.

Mini Bio - As a Corporate Hypnotist and Speaker Jonathan Chase has worked local and global Companies to help enhance their peoples talents and performance. In an award winning career spanning 4 decades he has successfully hypnotised an estimated 70,000 people from around the globe. With an eclectic background in Nursing, Coal mining, Cabaret and Theatre; studying Psychotherapy, N.L.P., and Business, Jon has built a reputation for Fast, Fun and Effective Educational Entertainment. As co-Founder of the world famous Academy of Hypnotic Arts and the HypnoArts™ Performing Arts company his understanding of Leadership, Sales and Group Psychology is second to none. He is the developer of the innovative START system; Subconscious Techniques Achieve Results Today; Development Director of the Start Subconscious Profiling and author of several books all best sellers in the hypnosis and personal development field. Overcoming the limitations of his neuromuscular condition to become World Renown is found empowering and inspirational by many, and his 'Laugh and Learn' style show, seminar or workshop approach to creating the dopamine factor to enhance corporate performance and lower stress is second to none and guaranteed to deliver.

"As well as learning loads, I haven’t laughed so hard or so much for ages." Jim Adam Business Development I.B.M.

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Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist and speaker has been featured in"Britain's Leading Hypnotist" Mail On Sunday
"Master Hypnotist" Sunday Times Magazine
"Your MIND in safe hands" Central ITV